2014 BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago



Faces of Fiacc, Linen Hall Library (Belfast, UK) 2018.

The Street Experience, Millepiani (Rome, IT) 2017.

“passing”, Mana Contemporary (Chicago, IL) 2014.

SAIC Undergraduate Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries (Chicago, IL) 2014.

Vagina…Her story, Red Barn Gallery (Belfast, UK) 2014.  

Burren College Advanced Studio (Ballyvaughn, Ireland) 2013.

Sophomore Seminar, SAIC (Chicago, IL) 2013.

First Look at a Long Time, Johalla Projects (Chicago, IL) 2012.

A Clearing of the Throat, A Foot in the Door, Etc. Collective (Chicago, IL) 2012.

Our Art 2012, Siragusa Gallery, SAIC Residence Hall (Chicago, IL) 2012.



Video! Video! Ep 3: Video Dating, Church of Templehead (Chicago, IL) 2014.

EXTV Presents: EXFEST 2014, SAIC Auditorium (Chicago, IL) 2014.

TEMPLEFEST, Zhou B Art Center (Chicago, IL) 2014.

Video! Video! Ep 2: The 30 Second Show, Church of Templehead (Chicago, IL) 2014.

EXTV 7th Undergraduate Film/Video Festival, SAIC Auditorium (Chicago, IL) 2012.



Nature of Occurrences Vol.2 No.2. Thought Notebook, 2014. 

The Orange. Red Barn Gallery, 2014.

SAIC Department of Photography Catalog. SAIC Photo, 2014.